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I’m on the downhill slide…I think.

It’s been a busy few weeks since I finished up my painting stay-cation.  Things really seem to be starting to move fast, and the progress is getting more and more visible.  Remember how we had just gotten my cabinets when I last left you?  Well, the last few that were out of stock came in, and my parents brought them out to my house.  Since we haven’t done the floors yet, (which is starting to give me anxiety), dad took his belt sander to the floor where the cabinets would sit so we don’t have to worry about getting some big professional sander right up to the foot of the cabinets when we get to that step.  Then the first of the cabinets were set in place.  In the kitchen reconfiguration, I’m torn between feeling like I’ve lost cabinet/counter space by having a dead wall and feeling like I’m 100% fine because there will be plenty of continuous countertop and I have an entire pantry for extra storage.  In all honesty, I probably have way more cabinet space than I could even possibly fill right now. Continue reading


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It’s a colorful world

Last night my mom and I made a spontaneous journey to Home Depot to look at paint colors.  I know, I know, it doesn’t seem like we’re anywhere near needing them, but we are.  Or at least a few of them.  For the kitchen, I’m planning on unfinished stock cabinets that will get painted.  And then probably distressed.  You may not be a fan of painted cabinets, but guess what.  I am.  And it’s my house, so there.  I also detest staining, and painting them avoids that issue.  I’m leaning toward charcoal grey for the cabinets, although I’ve also thought about a sage-y dusty green.  Maybe two-toned cabinets with charcoal on the bottom and green on top.

I’m also in the process of narrowing down trim color options.  It’s a big decision because it’s a color that’s going to run through the entire darn house.  Every bit of trim will be this color.  I needed lots of options, none of which are stark “white”.   Continue reading


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Experimenting With Floor Finishes

Since my beautiful house has beautiful hardwood floors throughout, I’ve been thinking about how to finish them.  I wanted a weathered grey appearance that wouldn’t be too dark and would keep with the old character of the home.  Minwax’s Classic Grey stain was an option I considered, but then I stumbled upon a more natural finish that should also be much cheaper and more forgiving than stain.  I found this blog post on oxidizing wood:

The Friendly Home {finishing} How to oxidize wood

and thought it sounded like it might give the result I wanted.  Continue reading


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