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A Year Later

Surprise!  It’s a New Year’s miracle!  I’m writing a blog post!

It’s been a year now since I’ve been moved in to the main part of the house.  There have been lots of little ongoing projects, but since we’re not knocking down walls anymore, it’s seemed like a pretty mellow year.  Here’s an update on what’s been going on – PLUS – a bonus DIY on the floating mantel shelf. Continue reading


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I forgot how much I love to cook!

Okay, it’s been a while since I posted that my appliances were coming, and I realize I never updated anything after that.  So, here’s the first of a multi-update barrage.  Appliances.  My kitchen.  I love them both.  Continue reading

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Floors get a facelift

This past weekend was my mom’s birthday weekend.  What better way to celebrate another year than spending two very long, very exhausting days sanding floors???  Okay, I can think of better ways to celebrate…but the floors now look great!  Mom says next year she will be in Maui for her birthday.  Alone.  Continue reading

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My love-hate relationship with all my new drywall

Don’t get me wrong, I love it.  I love, love, LOVE it.  I love having it, I love looking at it, I love how it echos.  I do not love the dust.  Not at all.  In fact, I hate it.  Yes, I know, hate is a strong word, but I do.  I really do.  I hate every speck of that horrendous dust.  Having had most of the downstairs done, the dust is literally everywhere.  It’s on all of my dishes, my coffee maker, and my dry food.  It’s in my fridge and under my covers.  It’s disgusting.  BUT!  It means I’m that much closer to paint.  Which means I’m that much closer to floors.  Therefore, I practically have my trim put back up.  And if that’s true, then I basically have my kitchen, too.   Continue reading

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Windows, Windows, Windows

Oh, and some more windows.  18 of them.  Or 19, I can’t remember, and they all start to blur together after a while.  The windows are getting replaced soonish, so my job has been taking the trim off of them.  My goal is to save as much trim as I possibly can to refinish and reuse, but it hasn’t been 100% possible due to some rotting and water damage.  Especially on the sills. Continue reading

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It’s a colorful world

Last night my mom and I made a spontaneous journey to Home Depot to look at paint colors.  I know, I know, it doesn’t seem like we’re anywhere near needing them, but we are.  Or at least a few of them.  For the kitchen, I’m planning on unfinished stock cabinets that will get painted.  And then probably distressed.  You may not be a fan of painted cabinets, but guess what.  I am.  And it’s my house, so there.  I also detest staining, and painting them avoids that issue.  I’m leaning toward charcoal grey for the cabinets, although I’ve also thought about a sage-y dusty green.  Maybe two-toned cabinets with charcoal on the bottom and green on top.

I’m also in the process of narrowing down trim color options.  It’s a big decision because it’s a color that’s going to run through the entire darn house.  Every bit of trim will be this color.  I needed lots of options, none of which are stark “white”.   Continue reading


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When the walls come crumblin’ crumblin’

As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve looked at the before pictures, there are a lot of walls in serious distress.  And there was a lot of gaudy wallpaper and panelling.  Behind all of that is layer upon layer of skim coat and plaster.  Cracked plaster.  A large part of the demolition process thus far has been removing wall (and ceiling) coverings to see what’s underneath and if it can be repaired or salvaged.  There are a few (a mighty few) walls with decent drywall on them.  The rest are in various stages of disrepair.  Here are some pictures of the progress of removing wall coverings.  Continue reading

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