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Kelly the Destroyer

I had a rather destructive day yesterday, and I find it amusing that in the context of this house, destructive actually means productive.  I started by tearing into the 3/4 bath downstairs.  The shower and sink both needed to go.  The toilet needs to remain functional until another bathroom is ready, lest we be reduced to relieving ourselves in the woods, and I already pointed out that this was not an option because I did not receive the camp trowel I requested for Christmas or my birthday this year.

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And The Demo Continues

Hmmmm, what could be under this cardboard??

Hmmmm, what could be under this cardboard??

Oh!  It's the original front door!

Oh! It’s the original front door!

The first of many discoveries in this house, the original front door was found under a layer of cardboard in the NE living room.  I’d love to salvage it and use it somewhere in the house, but we’ll have to see, because it’s had holes drilled into it from when the exterior walls were insulated. Continue reading

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