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Floors get a facelift

This past weekend was my mom’s birthday weekend.  What better way to celebrate another year than spending two very long, very exhausting days sanding floors???  Okay, I can think of better ways to celebrate…but the floors now look great!  Mom says next year she will be in Maui for her birthday.  Alone.  Continue reading


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When the walls come crumblin’ crumblin’

As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve looked at the before pictures, there are a lot of walls in serious distress.  And there was a lot of gaudy wallpaper and panelling.  Behind all of that is layer upon layer of skim coat and plaster.  Cracked plaster.  A large part of the demolition process thus far has been removing wall (and ceiling) coverings to see what’s underneath and if it can be repaired or salvaged.  There are a few (a mighty few) walls with decent drywall on them.  The rest are in various stages of disrepair.  Here are some pictures of the progress of removing wall coverings.  Continue reading

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Let The Demolition Begin!

Here are some photos of the demolition process.  You’ve got to tear it all down to rebuild it. Continue reading


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Where It All Began

Here are some before photos: Continue reading


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