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It’s a colorful world

Last night my mom and I made a spontaneous journey to Home Depot to look at paint colors.  I know, I know, it doesn’t seem like we’re anywhere near needing them, but we are.  Or at least a few of them.  For the kitchen, I’m planning on unfinished stock cabinets that will get painted.  And then probably distressed.  You may not be a fan of painted cabinets, but guess what.  I am.  And it’s my house, so there.  I also detest staining, and painting them avoids that issue.  I’m leaning toward charcoal grey for the cabinets, although I’ve also thought about a sage-y dusty green.  Maybe two-toned cabinets with charcoal on the bottom and green on top.

I’m also in the process of narrowing down trim color options.  It’s a big decision because it’s a color that’s going to run through the entire darn house.  Every bit of trim will be this color.  I needed lots of options, none of which are stark “white”.   Continue reading



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And The Demo Continues

Hmmmm, what could be under this cardboard??

Hmmmm, what could be under this cardboard??

Oh!  It's the original front door!

Oh! It’s the original front door!

The first of many discoveries in this house, the original front door was found under a layer of cardboard in the NE living room.  I’d love to salvage it and use it somewhere in the house, but we’ll have to see, because it’s had holes drilled into it from when the exterior walls were insulated. Continue reading

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