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Installing Nest in a 100-Year-Old House with Radiator Heating: A Guide/Review

Hey! Someone else with a 100+ year old house with radiators using a Nest! I’m strongly considering them for my house. Being able to see/adjust the house temp before I leave work so it’s toasty when I get home? Yes please!

Ambrose Little

Nest Learning Thermostat on
Just thought I’d share my experience with a great product–the Nest Learning Thermostat. Given that I own an over 100-year-old house with radiator heating (and no central air), I was dubious about this working for me. After doing a fair amount of research, it came down to this one or the ecobee. The ecobee (main model) was more expensive and, frankly, just doesn’t look as good. Let’s face it; the Nest has been designed, by real designers, and it is obvious. Other thermostats on the market are clunky gear head boxes.

I have noticed that things that appear to be well designed often are. Not only that, if people go through the trouble to do great industrial design, they usually at least try to do great software design, and maybe even full on service design, and in this, the Nest does not disappoint. Everything from learning about the…

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