This blog is the journey of my (massive) home renovation project.  In December of 2012, I acquired a 100-year-old farmhouse in rural Iowa.  It’s a traditional modified 4-square with lots of charm….and it needs a full-gut renovation.  I walked through this house seeing past the 70’s linoleum, orange shag carpet, peeling paint, and cracked plaster walls and ceilings.  I saw it for the beauty of its age, its bones, its structure and character.  The winning feature for me was a full unfinished attic, whose high peak, rough hewn trusses, and broken floor boards screamed master suite.  I had to have it.

Let me introduce the cast:

I’m Kelly.  I’m 24, I have a master’s degree in Agricultural Education, and I work at a living history museum demonstrating a horse-powered farm from the turn of the 20th century.  I do things most girls don’t do, and I tend to be over-ambitious.

My dad is the foreman of this project.  His DIY resume includes a detached garage with finished upstairs, a garage-turned-living space, basements, bathrooms, and more.  He thinks hard and works harder.

My mom is the decorator/designer/accountant.  She’s also the trim queen, having many trim refinishing projects under her belt.    She’s got an eye for detail and will keep us on budget.

Gracie is an 18-month-old Irish Setter with a unique effervescence.  She’ll get in the way whenever she can.

Madigan is a 9 year old Irish Setter who is a happy-go-lucky girl with a cranky-old-lady streak.  She’ll sit in the truck and growl occasionally.

This house is full of eventuallys, maybes, somedays, and possiblys, and this blog will be the documentation of the slow-and-steady journey from where it all began to where it will one day be.  I hope you enjoy the ride, and I hope that other do-it-yourselfers can find wisdom in my experience.


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  1. I’ve been too busy in the field this Spring to finished my DIY Flooring Pack . If you or your cast have any questions specific to Hardwood Flooring I will do what I can to help . I’m not selling anything . I’d just be glad to help . Good Luck . It’s a beutiful olf house .

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