My Iowa beach house…

If you know me, you know how indecisive I am.  This house has not improved my decision making skills even one little bit.  Sometimes I know exactly what I want, but more often than not, I have no idea.  And it takes me f o r e v e r to decide.  Example: I had an idea of what I wanted for a dining room light fixture.  I even found the perfect one.  But I refused to commit to it.  So my mom just ordered it for me and when it got here I liked it.  Putting that up is a post for another day.  This is a(nother) post about colors. 

This time it’s about upstairs colors.  You know, hallway, floors, my bedroom.  After the floors downstairs (again, a post for another day) were done I had to think about what I was going to do about the floors upstairs.  They all got sanded at the same time, and I knew I wanted to paint them (see, one of those decisive moments!), but I had no idea what color.  Grey?  Everything in my house is grey.  The avocado green or harvest gold of our generation….  No.  Maybe a blue?  Maybe.  I happen to have an ACE Hardware color fan – I’m not going to disclose how I came to have that – so my mom and I spent a day thumbing through colors.  You know how important color name are to me.  They might even be more important than the color itself.  If I like the color but it has a stupid name, that may just throw it out.  How about The Hills of Huntley?  Want to take a guess at what color that is?  It’s green.

I picked three colors from the color fan that I thought I liked for upstairs: French Grey for the stairs/hallway walls, Walnut Hill for the floor, and The Good Life (oh! doesn’t that sound good?!) for my bedroom.  First off, the ACE my mom went to didn’t actually carry ACE paint.  Wait, what?!  Well, they color matched the ACE colors to their line of paint and Mom brought home samples.  Let’s start with French Grey.  It was supposed to be a moderate grey with definite green undertones.  The actual?  A dark grey with almost zero green.  Too dark.  To grey.  Nope.  Okay, how about The Good Life.  It looked like a nice soft-but-saturated blue that conveyed the feeling I wanted (inspiration in a moment).  Well, it was BLUE.  Like, BLUE BLUE.  Like, the color the downstairs bathroom (now nook/pantry) used to be.  Horrid.  Definitely not a good-life-inspiring color at all.  Gah!  Then there was Walnut Hill.  The color fan portrayed it as a dark, dusty, blue with a touch of grey.  In real life, it was much lighter than expected, almost a slate blue.  The good news?  I actually like it.


Here’s French Grey.  It’s shockingly dark.  Shockingly grey.  And definitely not green.


And The Good Life, on the right.  SO BLUE!


So, what’s the color on the right?  I’m glad you asked!  It’s another Behr color – Tide Pools this time.  Did you know that virtually every blue or blue-green color in the universe of paint colors is named after something watery or beachy?  Seriously.  And thus the name of this post.  Yes, I ultimately went with Tide Pools for  my bedroom.  Maybe I’m secretly pining for the rocky coast of New Hampshire?  Regardless, the color is the perfect blue-green without being overly saturated or crazy blue.

Before I could start paint in my bedroom, the north and west walls had to be skim coated to repair the chipped plaster.  There was also one large crack on the north wall that was repaired.  Then I had to do two coats of primer all around and paint the ceiling.  How I HATE painting ceilings…  Here’s the west wall, baby smooth, and the south wall complete with Mom’s special “technique”.  Paint ready!


Here are some in-progress pictures of the paint.




Then it was time to beat my head into the wall paint window and baseboard trim.  I may have gotten lazy this time and edged with the paintbrush then used a mini-roller for the larger faces.


One window is done.  Two windows need another coat of paint, as do the baseboards and the door trim.  Oh yeah, and the east baseboard where the sheetrock was put in needs to be returned to the room and painted.  Here’s my (mostly) completely painted bedroom!




I’m not sure you can actually “get” exactly how nice this color is from these pictures.  Just take my word for it.  It’s nice.  A little beachy, but nice.

Okay, ready for it?  Time to compare my paint to the inspiration picture:


Nailed it!


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