I forgot how much I love to cook!

Okay, it’s been a while since I posted that my appliances were coming, and I realize I never updated anything after that.  So, here’s the first of a multi-update barrage.  Appliances.  My kitchen.  I love them both.  Since moving in to my house in June (I think?) I have been living in the addition and the mudroom has been serving as my kitchen.  I’ve been using nothing but a microwave, MSR pocket rocket, and grill to cook.  It’s been a long few months.  But with the installation of my appliances, I can finally resume normal cooking activities.

I had forgotten how much I love to cook.  The day the stove was hooked up I HAD to cook SOMETHING!  But I didn’t want to make something boring…like hamburger helper or mac n cheese.  1. I’ve been eating way too much of that stuff already this summer and 2. that wouldn’t do my new stove any justice at all.  I also didn’t have much in the way of ingredients (again, lots of heat-and-eat food) so I was a little stuck on what to make.  As I was moving stuff from the addition to the kitchen cabinets, I saw my mini donut pan.  I also walked past a bucket of pears I picked at work that I’ve been dying to do something with.  I remembered seeing a recipe at one point for ginger pear muffins, so I made donuts.

They were delicious.  Of course, on the very first thing to ever be made in my oven, cooking spray dribbled onto the bottom and burnt and got gross.  Consider it broken in.

Okay, this is me realizing I have zero pictures of my appliances installed.  Whoops.  I’ll update this post later when I do have some pictures…

My favorite appliance, though, is this guy:

IMG_20131018_111008_434The nest is wonderful.  Incredible.  So.  Damn.  Smart.  I love it.  I can’t wait until I have internet and the one for upstairs installed so they can talk to each other, and I can talk to them from anywhere via my phone.  Whoa.  Technologic.

The cabinet doors are painted and installed.  How all of that happened WILL be coming.  In another post.  I promise.


IMG_20131022_173718_325Hey, what do you know, you can kinda see some appliances in those pictures!  Better ones to come…sorry.

I also painted the pantry.  I needed a pop of color somewhere in my monotone grey house, so the pantry got a splash of Behr Orange Spice.  There is absolutely no way to photograph this color well.

IMG_20131014_130410_144With the CFL bulb that was hanging in there at the time, it was awfully reflective.  It kinda gave you a fake-tan-glow when you walked in.  Thankfully, I was finally able to make a decision on a utility-type light for the pantry that made the color exactly what I had wanted it to be – no weird tan effect.  It’s an LED fixture, so it should last essentially forever.  I was worried about light diffusing out into the nook, since the pantry door will be a screen door, but the LED is well contained.

IMG_20131021_111446_914OH!!! I just found a picture of my stove!!!  Okay, now all I owe you is a better picture of the fridge.

IMG_20131017_191922_980Five burners of glory.  And a broiler in the drawer instead of the top of the oven.  It’s everything I needed.

Okay, that’s it for this brief (for me, at least) update, more to come shortly.  I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with the floors!


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