Walls are going back up!

With all the demolition, it felt really, and I mean REALLY, good to see some forward progress start happening around the house.  Most of the focus has been on the kitchen since we’re trying to get it livable by June.  The kitchen is experiencing a total rearrangement, and that meant some walls had to get a little longer to accommodate the new design.  

Here’s my inspiration for the layout:

The differences in my kitchen are that the oven will be under the range…normal stove, duh…and where the bar/stools are will be a wall to accommodate upper cabinets and define the dining room.  Open-concept may be trendy in modern homes, but it just doesn’t fit the bill when restoring the character of this 100-year-old home.  I also haven’t completely sold myself on the idea of an island, although I may consider something like this:

Or this:

Notice a theme?  Dressers-turned-islands are my inspiration – if I choose to go this route.  And if I do, it will definitely be a pop of color, because, if you’ll recall, I’m agonizing over greys (yes, grEys) for my cabinets.

Anyway, the wall between the dining room had to grow by about a foot, and since none of the studs were 16″ on center, dad decided it would be best to re-frame the whole wall.  Check the Raw Beginnings page to see the wall as it used to be, and here is the kitchen with the wall removed:


And voila, the smell of fresh-cut lumber (though it was mostly recycled from the house) and the sounds of hammers and drills and the wall was born again.


Electrical boxes have also been placed.  See that one on the first stud, the one at the near end of the wall?  Well, that outlet is going to be one of these bad boys.  I’m so progressive.

And where the fridge used to be recessed has been renewed, as well, with a little bit of framing.  This is the wall that my stove will be residing on.


This wall also had to grow a little bit.  The stove is 30″ wide, and I want a little bit of counter space on either side, so it will be flanked by two 15″ cabinets. Here’s the extension on the wall.


That pretty much sums up the framing progress in the kitchen.  The closet-turned-powder room has also gotten some framing, though.  The basement door has been removed (there’s still access to the basement from the mudroom) as has an old window (since this wall was once the exterior wall of the house).




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  1. Katie

    I’m so impressed! Nice work! I love the dresser turned island idea!

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