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A Week In Review

Well, things have been happening at the farm.  Here’s a week in review with pictures!

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Happy Earth Day!

While I don’t think that Earth Day should be anything special or out of the ordinary – I mean every day should be Earth Day, right?  I did decide to do something a little special to celebrate the day this year.  It’s something I was planning on doing eventually anyway, today just seemed like a fitting day to get it done.

Today I decided to construct my rain barrel!  I had a few different sources for plans.  Like this one from Better Homes and Gardens and this one out of Workbench Magazine.  Initially, my plan was to make the one out of the Workbench Magazine article, but then I got to Home Depot and the plans started to seem a little convoluted, so I created a hybrid design (sort of) all my own. Continue reading

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Celebrating the last window – with a How-To!

I pulled the trim off of the last window tonight!  And I figured I should probably show you people I’ve learned something, even if it’s just how to take trim off of a window.  I mean, after 18 of these suckers, I’m pretty much the authority on the subject.  So I’m passing my knowledge on to all of you with a how-to.  I was an education major, sharing knowledge is what I do.

1. Find a fully trimmed window you’d like to dismantle.  It doesn’t matter why.  Continue reading

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Kelly the Destroyer

I had a rather destructive day yesterday, and I find it amusing that in the context of this house, destructive actually means productive.  I started by tearing into the 3/4 bath downstairs.  The shower and sink both needed to go.  The toilet needs to remain functional until another bathroom is ready, lest we be reduced to relieving ourselves in the woods, and I already pointed out that this was not an option because I did not receive the camp trowel I requested for Christmas or my birthday this year.

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Walls are going back up!

With all the demolition, it felt really, and I mean REALLY, good to see some forward progress start happening around the house.  Most of the focus has been on the kitchen since we’re trying to get it livable by June.  The kitchen is experiencing a total rearrangement, and that meant some walls had to get a little longer to accommodate the new design.   Continue reading

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Windows, Windows, Windows

Oh, and some more windows.  18 of them.  Or 19, I can’t remember, and they all start to blur together after a while.  The windows are getting replaced soonish, so my job has been taking the trim off of them.  My goal is to save as much trim as I possibly can to refinish and reuse, but it hasn’t been 100% possible due to some rotting and water damage.  Especially on the sills. Continue reading

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Meanwhile, outside…

Did I mention this house sits on 3.5 acres?  No…I didn’t, did I?  Well it does.  And anyone who knows me knows my love of growing things.  I promised myself that I wasn’t going to start a garden this year.  I didn’t want to have to worry about my precious food-bearing plants in the midst of this renovation.  The plan was to start low-maintenance with some fruit trees to give them a good start for the next couple of years.  Well, then this happened. Continue reading

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